Kim Ballew(non-registered)
I saw your name on Christophe Wilheim’s Instagram, so here I am cheking out your exceptional work. I see a few passions woven across all your pics. Look forward to seeing more. I’m not a photographer, I just appreciate seeing the world through a gifted lens while I am unable to see for my self. I will be following you, so you will be hearing from @chattagirl on Instagram. Peace to you.
Melinda Findell(non-registered)
Beautiful work Ken. I have gotten lost in browsing through your massive stash of photos.
Kathryn Ann Gibson(non-registered)
Received your site information when eating out with your Mother & Dad in Bruce, MS. Your photos are beautiful.
Wendy Tooley(non-registered)
Hi Ken! How I love looking through your photos! I feel like I could just step inside them. They are simply breathtaking. So thankful for the talent God has given you. May you continue to use it for His glory!!
We met at the Michigan City lighthouse. Very nice photos! I enjoyed browsing through them.
Charlotte Gray(non-registered)
Just wanted to drop in and say what a beautiful body of work you have. I'm in the Covered Bridge group and look forward to seeing all of your images. Keep up the great work. Forever a fan.
Chris & Billie Jo Byrnside(non-registered)
Private entry
Tina Rierson(non-registered)
Hey Ken! I found you! Going to the beach in a few minutes but I'll be shopping when I get back. Love you and Megan!
Dr. Phil Nicholson(non-registered)
Ken, Awesome composition!! A gift you have. Don't stop.....
Linda Colprit(non-registered)
Love your photos! Received your 2015 Lighthouses of the Midwest calendar a year ago....loved it!
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