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Abandoned places, buildings, vehicles, boats, equipment and more are the focus of these Kenneth Keifer photographs.

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Keywords:abandoned, antique, broken, decrepit, desolate, deteriorated, deteriorated, dilapidated, disheveled, falling apart, falling down, haunted, neglected, old, rust, rusted, rusting, seen better days, used, weathered, worn, worn out

Seen Better Days ChurchOld Burrying Ground Cross - Beaufort, NCOld Barn in AutumnOne Room SchoolhouseRetired Silos TrioGroundedSeen Better Days BoatOld WreckOld Ford F250 TruckSnowy Old Barn and SiloFalling Down BarnOld Cantelever Bridge with Red FinialsOld Triple Pony Truss BridgeCantilever Bridge Structural DetailCondemned Triple Pony Truss BridgeFinial Atop Old BridgeFootprints Cross an Old Bridge