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"Natural Abstract" is a collection of Kenneth Keifer's Photography where aspects of the image, such as lines, colors, geometrical forms, textures, and such, are evident and these elements essentially serve as the "subject" of the work.

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Keywords:abstract, abstraction, art, art, artistic, color, elements, fine, form, geometry, landscape, lines, macro, metaphysical, mood, natural, nature, pattern, repetition, scenic, shape, subject, texture

Superior MistDune Grass DawnConfluenceCana Island SunriseMammoth Terraces, Yellowstone NP, WyomingVibrant SkyOver the EdgeSetting Sun BeamsWinter Sunset Over Indiana PanoramaColorful Cloudy SkyBeautiful Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone, NPSteaming Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone NP, WyomingVariegated Indian CornEpic EveningFall Sweetgum LeavesIntensely Colorful Fall FoliageYellow, Red, & Orange Fall FoliageFallen Tree in Autumn LakeEarly Morning OceanHigh Drama