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Interesting shapes, colorful leaves, and amazing locations make trees a wonderful photographic subject. Hope you enjoy the colors of fall, the placement in amazing landscape surrounding, and even the beautiful shape and geometry found in a snag (dead tree) in the photographs found in this gallery devoted to trees.

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Autumn White Birch WoodAutumn North WoodReflected SplendorNew Life from OldAutumn at Cut RiverCut River Autumn ColorAutumn Forest and Lake SuperiorTrees and SkyGiant at SundownBig Ole Tree at SunsetConifer CanopyIsland in the SkySnowy Sycamore SunsetCrab Apple Cluster of Blossoms against Blue SkyContorted Tree on Angels Landing, Zion NP, UtahMossy Snag in a Yellowstone Geyser BasinPines & Snags in Great Smoky Mountains Nat'l ParkMaple Leaves & Deep Blue SkyDazzling, Fiery Fall Foliage