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NEWS: I am happy to report that I received a blue ribbon and a judges' choice award for one of my photographs, "Mamma Flamingo," in the print competition held in lieu of the cancelled 2020 Indiana State Fair. And, I have once again been named one of Indiana's Top Ten Professional Photographers for 2020 by the Indianapolis Professional Photographers Guild. Also, I was honored to have two of my Photograph's selected for presentation in Roberts Camera's annual Gallery Night in Indianapolis.

Print Products are available through this website in a wide variety of sizes and finishing/framing options including canvas gallery wraps, metal prints, and traditional, high quality photo prints. Print orders are fulfilled by Mpix, a superb, high-quality lab. They make terrific gifts! Questions or need something special? Please contact me. I'd love to talk with you!

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Since before his days as a high school yearbook photographer, Ken Keifer, has loved photography...the art, the craft, the science, the colors, geometry, emotion, play of light and shadows, recording a special moment in time and space....everything about it! Photography is a passion of Ken's that helps satisfy his God-given creative drive. Ken loves what Ansel Adams, arguably the greatest landscape photographer ever, once said, "Sometimes I get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter."

Ken, a frequent speaker and judge at camera clubs, is consistently ranked one of Indiana's best photographers. He recently topped a list of "
5 Best Landscape Photographers of Indianapolis" by PeerSpace and has been named one of Indiana's Top Ten Photographers by the Indianapolis Professional Photographers Guild. His award-winning work has been featured by USA Today, CNN Travel, Pure Michigan, Visit Indiana, many websites, international television shows, books, travel guides and maps, calendars, concerts and music videos, airports, businesses, hundreds of offices and private homes, and in churches in all fifty states and around the world.

It is Ken's hope that the photos displayed here inspire and intrigue you...or maybe simply make you linger in your looking and cause you to smile. Enjoy the imagery as you peruse. And, Ken would be most honored if you have the means and desire to make a purchase. But, even if not, please relax and enjoy the imagery presented here.

In addition to this website, Ken's photography is now available at CCA Gallery in the Arts and Design District of Carmel Indiana (111 West Main Street) as framed prints, canvasses, metals, and matted prints. Ken also does several art fairs each year. Please inquire regarding upcoming envents.

If you have questions, comments, or just wish to say, "Hey!" (Ken lived in NC for ten years...That's how the wonderful people there say, "Hello."), please do not hesitate to e mail or call.

Ken is available for photography workshops and seminars (beginner & intermediate especially) and would love to chat with you about that. He also has a degree in communications, by the way, and is a seasoned public speaker. Please contact Ken for more info about what he can provide for you or your club/group.

Interested in backgrounds for worship or business presentations? Please contact Ken.

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Guestbook for Kenneth Keifer Photography
Craig from the Creek (meeting on the causeway)(non-registered)
Awesome work Ken! I see you found Anemone Cave..gorgeous. I especially like Mt Desert Moonlight. Looks like you enjoyed your stay. Thanks for presenting this special place though the magic of your eye.
Megan and Maureen Leigh(non-registered)
Hi Ken,

I sent a similar message via email but wanted to sign your guestbook too...

We met on the Conkles Hollow rim trail today. I was with my mom, who was nervous about the height and uneven footing.

I just wanted to thank you again for your kindness. You did more than stick with us and talk to my mom to calm her nerves. My mom said just talking to you helped her feel better.

More than that, though, you showed your kindness by offering her a cold drink. You showed your kindness by offering to help her up a steep incline, and you even waited for us there bc you knew it was steep.

You also showed that you‘re sensitive to the people around you and what makes them comfortable...when you were behind us, you asked if we minded that you were following us. At the end of the trail, you offered to take our picture and said you wouldn’t be offended if I didn’t feel comfortable with someone else touching my phone.

All of those things told us what a truly good person you are. Like my mom said, you were a godsend today for us on the trail, and I’m sure you are to everyone else you meet too.

Thank you for that!! The world needs more people like you!!

Your pictures are also absolutely AMAZING, and when I have better cell reception/WiFi, I plan to explore the galleries further!

Thank you again for sharing your kindness and your talents!
Congratulations on being my Bing background (Cavern in Pictured Rooks National Lakeshore). An exceptional picture!
Blake J Smith(non-registered)
Your photos are amazing thank you for sharing your gift with the world.
Robin Armellino(non-registered)
Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking!! Glad we got to chat for a few minutes at Conkle’s Hollow and can’t wait to see those pictures!!
The guestbook is empty.