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A favorite subject of Ken's, lighthouses, these life-saving technological wonders of yesteryear, bring together beautiful architectural elegance, historical lore, coastal scenery, scientific innovation, maritime charm, and saving deliverance into one package. Ken's lighthouse portfolio showcases beacons he has visited in the North and South Carolina, Maine, Virginia, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Illinois, and Prince Edward Island, Canada (so far). If ever a subject was begging to be in a framed photograph, perhaps it is the lighthouse!

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Michigan City Light and SundownMorning at Manistique LighthouseWest Point Light & Dune, PEI, CanadaSouth Haven Lighthouse after SundownNorth Rustico Lighthouse and Old Lobster Traps, PEI, CanadaMichigan City Light and ChicagoGrafton Lighthouse in IllinoisSt. Joseph, Michigan LighthousesLighthouse LightningKenosha, Wisconsin Pierhead LightDark Day at Crisp PointCrisp Point DriftwoodCrips Point Lighthouse at SundownOcracoke LighthouseOcracoke Light and Beach HouseOcracoke Light Shining at DawnOld Baileys Harbor LighthouseAu Sable Point LighthouseClearing Skies at South HavenSouth Haven Light at Sunrise