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Grand Teton National Park, an amazing landscape near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, has what is probably America's most iconic Mountain Range. There are taller mountain peaks elsewhere, but the Tetons present themselves in such a monumental way due to the fast and steep rise from the valley (Jackson Hole) below. The snow-capped Cathedral Group of the Teton Range, reflected in the Beaver Ponds along the Snake River at Schwabacher's Landing is one of this photographer's favorite places anywhere. The iconic old barns of Mormon Row in the Antelope Flats area have become one of the most photographed and recognizable places in America! And, the destination of a very popular hike is Hidden Falls, so-named because it only appears just as you arrive, on the approach hike from below, at its stunningly beautiful cascade and tumble down the mountainside! Bucket list destinations to be sure!
Tetons Reflected in Water's of Schwabacher's Landing, WYGrand Teton Reflection, Schwabacher's Landing, WyomingCathedral Group Reflection, Grand Teton NP, WyomingGrand Tetons Reflected in the Snake River, WYGrand Teton Mountains Reflected on the Clear Snake River, WYSchwabacher's Landing Reflection, WyomingSnake River and Teton RangeSnake River ReflectionMajestic ReflectionRustic Barn and TetonsBarn and Teton RangeOld Barn on Mormon Row, Grand Tetons NP, WyomingOld Barn with Teton Peaks BehindBarn and Corral with Teton Range BehindOld Corral with Grand Teton Mountain Range, WyomingOld Homestead with Tetons BehindFallen Barn and TetonsGros Venture Sunrise, WyomingStunning Teton SunsetTetons Sunset, Wyoming